Amiga In A Box remake Last updated on 22-APR-2018

AIAB r10.7 Beta 9

This is just a labour of love to resurrect from the graveyard the first Amiga emulation distro/pack ever called “Amiga In A Box” or just “AIAB”.

This is an updated version of the last Amiga In A Box package (r10.6), it  respects its former philosophy but attempts to upgrade and bugfix what was inside there. This release is just my beta test, which means it may contain lots of bugs innacuracies and mistakes, but at least it runs a little bit modernized.

I did not make any radical changes and went conservative about the updates I applied. So no fancy new features unless they come in a new version of some former software which was already included (Some particular exceptions apply though, like including PeterK´s IconLib, for example).

Minimum Requirements remain mostly the same:
Kickstart 3.0 or 3.1
Workbench 3.0 or 3.1 floppy disk
12 MB of memory (of any kind, as long as it adds up to that amount in total)
A 68020 processor
About 29 MB of free HDD space
A Picasso96 compatible graphics card

Note: AmigaOS 3.5 and 3.9 have not been tested and should not work (at least not straightaway!).

New since AIAB r10.6:

IconLib 46.4 (46.4.465 supports OS4 icons. So no need for resource hungry AfAOS for that)
Expat.library 4.3 (required by Annotate)
ScalOS 41.5 -> 41.8 (with compatibility fixes in rtg.library
Picasso96 2.0 -> 2.1e
MCP 1.46 -> 1.48
AmiStart 0.65 -> 0.70
Dopus 4.16 > 4.17pre2
WhdLoad 16.4 -> 18.3
WhichAmiga 1.3.22 -> 1.3.3 with getmhz check enabled to support ACA accelerators
BoardsLib 2.29 -> 3.35
lha 2.12 -> 2.15
ahi.device 6.6 -> 6.7
asyncio.library 39.2 -> 40.6
68040.library 44.2 -> 46.5
gtlayout.library 47.1 -> 47.2
screennotify.library 1.0 -> 1.2
xpkSHRI.library 2.2 -> 2.6
popupmenu.library 10.8.6 -> 10.11
All MUI custom classes are now installed by default and updated to their latest versions.
Implemented two "safe" MUI fix patches: muimaster020v5 + DC-VLmui.


GoldEd 5 demo -> Annotate 3.0.1 (GoldEd was a restricted outdated demo version. Annotate is free and supported)

WarpPNG 45.9 -> Cloanto PNG DataType 43.3 (Replacement required to properly display png menu images. WarpPNG was failing). Thank you Cloanto !

WarpJPEG 45.5 -> jfifdt 44.7.m1 (supports HAM, free and open source)


Amistart Help has empty submenus. Another Jaybee leftover.
Fontview 3.1 has a nagging shareware requester. :(
Build an updated Internet pack


I have limited time left in my daily life, and have many other Amiga and personal stuff that comes first, so I cannot promise I will keep updating and fixing it much longer. But I will do my best to help anyone that wants to continue this endeavour.

Thank you Jaybee for all the good old times :)


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