Unofficial BoingBag 3 Last updated on 29-NOV-2014

BoingBag 3 __________________________________________________________________________

AmigaOS 3.9 BoingBag 3 work began on the 29th May 2008 with the objective of enhancing, bugfixing and updating the last 68k AmigaOS version released.

From a simple bugfix and patches list, released by a single user,  it grew becoming an Amiga community project, where lots of Amiga users and enthusiast added important features, software patches and contributions of all sorts.

At the end of december 2009, the BoingBag 3 community project matured in a way that it finally materializad. Leaving the comunity with a warm sense of achievement and a really good update for AmigaOS 3.9 users.

Teamwork in a collaborative non profit open scheme has shown what Amiga users can accomplish if they put their minds and hearts to it.

So good luck and enjoy…


Amiga Rulez!


PS: By the way, whilst the work related to BoingBag 3 ended, there is still more room to push AmigaOS 3.9 ahead, so has the BoingBag 4 project started, to add new features, enhancements and even more fixes. Find the BoingBag 4 pages over here.